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KDJ and its strategic partners provide services across the spectrum of marketing communications—branding, advertising, public relations, website development, presentations, and more—to companies in financial services, insurance, and other industries. Over the years, our clients’ feedback on our performance has been remarkably consistent. Here are several points that, in their minds, set KDJ apart:

•  Involvement of top executives. Our business model allows senior creative and account managers to immerse themselves in every project, providing the sound direction and judgment that come only from long experience. These managers make themselves available to clients 24/7—because our clients operate on the same schedule.
• Commitment to our clients’ industries. Our principals have specialized in financial services and similar industries throughout their careers, so their commitment to—and knowledge of—these industries runs deep.
• Extensive network. Our connections with executives at the world’s leading media sources enable us to secure prime placement at competitive rates.
• Exceptional speed. We have created presentations in 24 hours. We have executed campaigns in a matter of days. This kind of speed is simply what our clients expect—and their industries demand.
• Competitive pricing. It is a fact of economics: smaller “boutique” firms generally carry smaller overhead. As a result, we offer excellent deliverables at a far more competitive price than larger corporate marketers can.